The two periods of our community’s history are described in a few words and photos in order to chart its path and progress over time.1st Period 1985 -2009 Second Period 2009 – 2019 First Period 1985 – 2009
Our church was formally established in 1985. Katina Antoniou, a devout lady, is considered to be the founder of the Church of St Catherine, Greater London, but in addition, she was supported by a core of energetic local residents who were mainly based in
the northern part of Barnet, With many difficulties, without equipment, but with pride, church services began, finding shelter
temporarily in a number of Anglican churches. Nicodemos Velalopoulos, a particularly active first priest took advantage of the good placement of the Church of All Saints in Whetstone, beginning in.

The most positive development of this period was the creation of a climate of friendship and interest among the Greeks. The visits of Archbishop Damianos of Sinai, in June 1996, and the late Patriarch Petros of Alexandria in September 1997 were particularly
significant. In the year 2000, the famous choir of Saint George of Karytsis of Athens was invited and chanted at the feast day of Saint Catherine. In addition, they performed at a concert organized as part of the millenial festivities. In 2004, an international architectural competition was held to construct a purpose-built church building on a small plot of land intended for concession. However, this land had limitations, and progress failed to be made, despite the great success of the

Second Period 2009 – 2019 The transfer of St. Catherine to the church of St. James, Friern Barnet Lane, spread joy and enthusiasm
to a large proportion of Barnet’s Greek and Cypriot expatriates; the move increased the parish’s reach and
created new prospects for progress. The congregation automatically tripled due to the greater number of Greek Orthodox residents, as did, consequently, the actual services. The small Jubilee Hall began to host a multitude of events of all kinds.

The improvement work on the building was ongoing almost immediately from the arrival of the
community at its new home. Firstly, the hall was upgraded at a cost of about £ 70,000. This was soon followed by repairs to the masonry, landscaping, roof cleaning, bell tower maintenance, and many other improvements.

In June 2011, Fr. Gregory Wellington was ordained deacon, and in January 2014
priest. On July 3, 2011, at the Cathedral of the Holy Cross, Father Damianos organized the Civil Service, in his capacity as the spiritual father of the Mayor of Barnet, for the 2011-12 year, Mrs. Pantelitsa Rutter. On July 26, 2012, the procession of the Olympic
flame passed outside our church, where many Greeks flanked the road standing with Greek flags. This was followed by an Olympic Concert in the church in the presence of the Leader of Barnet Borough Council Mr. Cornelius and other officials. Young artists interpreted classical music and recited Olympic texts and poetry in both languages. A major church renovation program began
in September 2016. For three months we were graciously provided with alternative accommodation in the Anglican Church of All Saints, Whetstone. Our church was renovated internally, discreet lighting was installed, new electrical installations, flooring,
painting, and other works were carried out Thanks to the enthusiastic support of the community, over £ 100,000 have been raised to date to meet the £160,000 total requested by our contractors. The fundraising continues as, after 10 years of occupancy our rent payments are projected to increase. The community wishes to remain at St. Catherine’s as it is situated in an excellent position. We hope that the younger Greeks will also take part in the realization of this effort. The future is always in our hands.
With publications like this one and other functions every year we try to cover the high expenses of the